Special Visitor

We are excited to announce that Marine Veteran Daniel Crawford will be joining VFW 9662 for a visit tonight around 1700 on his passing thru back to Minnesota!! Daniel has traveled by foot from Minnesota to Texas the 1000 mile gratitude walk. His mission 23V Recon. I hope you join us and welcome Daniel, share stories of hope and the future. Thank you Commander Mike Dirks for opening the hospitality opportunity.

Recent article from MN News https://www.mprnews.org/episode/2024/04/08/minnesota-veteran-walks-1000-miles-to-eclipse-in-texas-spreads-message-of-hope?fbclid=IwAR0lYsFE_hfKsm6wFFXZw3Ka8hlRIVdz-29h1ZnNrv58IaJ7o6VNiv8Y8NU

23V Recon https://23rdveteran.org/23v-reconditioning/?fbclid=IwAR1wIjgdIUBUxpqjP0TzBAAUq4MrS86PSJ4lT3L22zZUswpqChMuX7cBKfg

Daniel’s journey

Also…there is a social event tomorrow at American Legion Post 731 if you are interested.

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