A Message from the Clubroom Manager

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We will be reopening the Post today, Tuesday, August 4th for normal business hours. We are committed to keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy!

We closed the Post in order to deep clean and sanitize the clubroom and kitchen. We have several added measures in place and will continue our normal cleaning schedule as well. Our bartenders, kitchen staff and volunteers are all wearing masks for the immediate future, as well as gloves during all food preparation. 

We ask that if you do not feel well, stay home. The Iowa ABD is also asking all bars to step up efforts of social distancing during this time. When you come in, try to keep to your group and practice social distancing the best you can. Please understand that we must follow these guidelines in enforcing social distancing in the Post.

We will keep everyone updated on any changes.  Thank you for your understanding and support!