Commander’s Blog: July 4, 2016

As long as you have elected me for another year as Commander of the Post, I thought it was time to start bugging you on a regular basis. Although it is here on the Post Website, for now, I will be reaching out to the membership directly via email and face to face when possible.

I have been saying in the newsletter for the last year that our volunteers are dwindling for meals and more importantly, our Honor Guards. Unfortunately, we are still not increasing our ranks on the Honor Guard. The importance of the Honor Guard cannot be understated. We as Veterans, and as members of the VFW, owe a debt to those members who served before us, as a measure of respect and to fulfill the duty we swore as members of the Military and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

I have been talking with some members of the Post, and I know that they are getting tired of me saying the same thing over and over. But we need to continue to encourage our membership to remain involved. The oath we swore was not rescinded when we left the service. The Brothers and Sisters in Arms that we serve with may have changed through the years, but our mission has not. We still can defend our Republic and our Constitution through our actions to our fellow veterans, be they members of the Post, VFW, or veterans in need.

Today, I was honored to preside over the Post Independence Day Observance. It reminds me again, the sacrifice that our veterans before me worked to provide me benefits as a veteran, and the freedoms to serve the country and my fellow veterans. I try to remind myself that without those earlier generations, some of the benefits we enjoy would not be possible.

While the attention our Veterans have received has not been even throughout our history, one this is for certain; the benefits have increased. And I ask you to ask yourself, would I be enjoying this, were it not for the efforts of our earlier Veterans? Can I do more to assist? Can I spare an hour or so every other month?

If you can, feel free to email me at the email on the Home Page. Call the Post. Come out and buy a meal or a drink. There are many ways to support the Post, VFW and fellow Veterans. I am not asking that every one do every thing… Find a niche, and come out to the Post.

Thanks, and see you at the Post.