Commander’s Blog: May 29, 2017

Another solemn observance for the Post and our country. I hope that you had the opportunity to celebrate the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters in arms. The Post held the ceremony at Pine Hill on Sunday of the weekend, then we helped the Township of Berwick with a firing squad on Monday. We had our stalwarts assisting with the ceremonies as always. But, in the last month, our membership has lost Herb Burgess, Ray Yori and Arlo Barton among others. I mention these members by name, as they were regular supporters of the Post, in word and deed. They came to the Post to buy a meal or a beverage, or helped in events like funerals, firing squads or meals. We are running out of these members, and soon we will not be able to conduct these support events. I know, I sound like a broken record. But until the next generation fills the ranks, I will keep sounding this alarm.

In addition, our clubroom manager will be stepping down at the end of the summer. We will need someone, a volunteer or otherwise, to step into those shoes to manage and run the club room for the Post. Contact the Post if you have an idea or can help out.

See you at the Post!